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Apostoli CFR, Andrew: The Gift of God: The Holy Spirit (SIGNED WITH NOTE FROM AUTHOR; printed 1994)

Apostoli CFR, Andrew: The Gift of God: The Holy Spirit (SIGNED WITH NOTE FROM AUTHOR; printed 1994)

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“When someone offers another person a gift, the first thing the receiver should do is acknowledge the gift, then express gratitude for it, and finally, put it to good use” (pg. 3).
But what if that gift is the greatest gift imaginable—the Holy Spirit, God himself? Father Andrew Apostoli shows us how we are to accept the gift of the Holy Spirit: we acknowledge him by knowing who he is, we thank God for his gift, and we put that gift to good use by allowing the Holy Spirit to transform and perfect us as children of God.
With charming humor, encouraging anecdotes, and clear explanations, Father Andrew draws on the wisdom of the Scriptures and the saints to explore the Holy Spirit’s vital influence in our lives. Indeed, only by the aid of the Holy Spirit can we hope to thrive fruitfully in our vocations as lay people, priests, or religious. The reflection questions that accompany each chapter inspire the reader to self-awareness and to apply actively Father Andrew’s insights to his or her unique spiritual growth.
Rediscover the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Life, helping us to die to ourselves and to be reborn in Christ. Be restored in fortitude, patience, and perseverance by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Courage. Learn to grow in patience with one’s self, to avoid the misguided desire for human respect, and to respond bravely to our call to sanctity. Come to accept the Spirit who strengthens us to pursue love of God fearlessly and never compromise our convictions.
Father Andrew’s The Gift of God: The Holy Spirit compels all readers to reevaluate their relationship with the Holy Spirit and to respond with fervor and gladness to the Holy Spirit, the gift and giver of all good things.

Father Andrew Apostoli, spiritual author and preacher, died 12/13/2017 at the age of 75.

This signed (with a note) paperback book is in good condition. Printed in 1994.


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