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Crandall Ph.D, Rick: Marketing Your Services - For People Who Hate to Sell (Expanded & Updated; 2003)

Crandall Ph.D, Rick: Marketing Your Services - For People Who Hate to Sell (Expanded & Updated; 2003)

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To many people, marketing means personal selling or advertising, imposing oneself on others, and trying to get people to buy something they may not want. Rick Crandall debunks these myths in Marketing Your Services, a grassroots guide to marketing and building relationships with customers to achieve success. Directed primarily to entrepreneurs, small business owners and solo service providers, the book offers more than 1000 practical tips that can help make a marketer out of anyone who wants to serve customers better. Crandall intentioned this book as a marketing crash course specifically for service providers – from lawyers to freelance writers, from carpenters to landscapers. All of the basics of marketing are explained in easy-to-understand terms. Helpful hints, tips and suggestions are illustrated through examples with which non-professional marketers can easily identify. The overall tone is conversational and reassuring. The expanded & updated edition reflects a thorough revisior including a change in organization, so the book begins with chapters on marketing basics -- like advertising, sales, and publicity -- then moves into more focused chapters addressing professional and relationship building methods. A new chapter on online marketing is included and examples of effective online marketing techniques and strategies are woven in throughout. Self-motivation is given more extensive coverage, international examples have been added as have more specific examples from service business start-ups. The lengthy appendices have been updated to include new templates and examples.

From the Publisher

Rick Crandall, Ph.D., is a popular marketing speaker, consultant, and author. He has written or edited several books on marketing, including 1,001 Ways to Market Your Services, and has taught thousands of seminars on honing marketing, customer service, and sales skills.

This paperback book is in very good condition. Expanded & updated edition, 2003.

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