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Relf, Adam: The Biggest Bear

Relf, Adam: The Biggest Bear

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A little boy hunts for the biggest bear in the world and finds it in a twinkling starlight surprise--the Great Bear constellation--at the end of this heartwarming book!

Toby thinks his shadow looks like the biggest bear in the world. But Dad says there's a much bigger one than that. Is it the large chocolate bear in a store? The bear picture Toby paints in preschool? The huge stone bear fountain in the park? The tall bear with a top hat at the carnival? Or the enormous balloon bear floating above the town? At bedtime, Daddy shows Toby the biggest bear in the world, who lives above their heads and only comes out at night: the bright group of stars called the Great Bear! A set of twelve flashing lights illuminates the constellation on the final page.

Reading age: 3-5 years

  • This paperback book is in excellent condition.
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